This 1800's Old Stock Certificate is For Sell or Best Offer
    My name is Pamela Marquis. I live in Central California, and I established this website,in,2007.  I have done research on this document on my own, throughout, the years, to try and locate, the McQuaid family that, this stock certificate, actually belongs to. And one day, while on facebook, I did have a McQuaid, get in touch with me. He allowed me to view his McQuaid family album,online,and I did come to determine, that, this document, actually does belong to his family.

In good faith,though, I could not,just hand it over, (as I believe,he thought,I might do), because, it has  been, me, who has preserved it, and taking care of it, all these,
(added years). I have no idea, if there is  any monetary value, in this certificate, because my name is not  McQuaid, I am just the care-taker of this certificate.  However, I was not even offered, any kind of finder's fee. At one point, a museum ,I reached out to (at that time) offered me $75, for it. Within, my search, I also, found out that there, once was a, Flat Rock Coal Company, of Lexington, Kentucky,that operated, from 1984 - 1985, (see image). 

there is a lot of historical value in this document, (in my opinion),such as; the signatures, the indentation of the circle stamp,that says,"The Flat Rock Coal Company of Lexington, Ky. Inside the circle, shows a train,pulling coal. The creases, on the back, tell me that it, had been  folded and stored, for a very longtime, possibly in a book, or some other safe place, for safe -keeping. Documents, like this represent to me, a fingerprint from the past, or in some sort of way, a family heirloom. it is so beautifully detailed, and it really does deserve a good home.

And it is the McQuaid's family, loss, if they could not even offer me a small finder's fee, for just taking care of it, all these,
(added years). If you are a collector, or even from a musuem,and are interested in this document, and reading this, make me an offer. I am not asking for, millions, or even thousands, yet I do have a number in mind, that I would take for it, because if it stays with me, it dies with me.

Please e-mail me at, one of the following e-mail addresses,below, with your full name, your phone number, offer, and e-mail address, and  other information, I may need to get in touch with you.

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